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Cryo-System (optional)


-Analgesie action, that is bath calming and soothing, can be provided by the "Cryo-Head"

- Capillary vasoconstriction, via a reflex path (thermogenesis).

- lncrease in the rigidity of the collagen.

- Action for the prevention of oedemas.
Cryo - Dermabrasion.

The Peeling-System® adapted to ali kin at first treatment:

. A visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

. A reduction of acne scars and stretch marks

. A diminution of hyper-pigmented lesions

. An efficient treatment of photo aging.

Microdermabrasion technique gives very satisfying results safely. lt creates on body or face a mechanical action combined

with a massage, stimulating and beautifying the skin, completed by a surface abrasion with micro crystals.

Documentation for Peeling-System®
Cryo - Dermabrasion.

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