Option Miltalift

- Depresso-massage head and bio-photomodulation

- Defibrosis of the tissues and improvement of the blood circulation

- Drainage of toxins for optimal care

Complete Care by Estheticled

- Skin rejuvenation

- Anti-wrinkle and lifting

- Firming

- Thinning

- Drainage

- Cellulite

The Estheticled benefits from an expertise of more than 15 years in light therapy with the association of the most renowned and performing programs.

Training in the form of "open days"

Communication kit included: POS, posters, flyers, press campaign.

Design and Manufacture Française: Manufacturing quality in compliance with the standards in force.

3 year total warranty.
Facial and body treatment by the light

Light therapy, or phototherapy, is a method based on the benefits and properties of light, non-invasive and painless, for the care of various aesthetic practices dedicated to thinness, anti-aging and beauty of the body.

Winner of the "H.Pierantoni" Prize 2012, the Estheticled is a major innovation for this type of care.

                                      Benefits of Estheticled

- Light emission of different wavelengths (400 nm up to 850 nm)

- Concentration of the best performing care

- 21 pre-programmed care based on the most recent studies

- Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface

- Efficiency and ideal comfort of the care thanks to the quality of the LED's (guarantee without UV)

- No consumables

Documentation for EstheticLED®
Facial and body treatment by the light.

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