Cryo GeneSys technical specifications

- Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface

- High resolution LED display

- Mixed men / women

- Program adapted for each zone

A patented and exclusive handpiece

- Ovoid shape

- Surface treatment: 140 cm²

- Number of applicators: 2

- Suction of the ergonomic handpiece

A justified investment: Profitability guaranteed in less than one year.

Training in the form of "open days"

Communication kit included: POS, posters, flyers, press campaign, local communication.

Design and Manufacture Française: Manufacturing quality in compliance with the standards in force.

3 years total warranty.
Sculpt your body by the cold.

The Cryo GeneSys causes a ThermoCryolipolysis, it is a method of recent liporeduction,

Non-invasive and painless, which generates the effect of apoptosis thanks to the cold.

Winner of the "H.Pierantoni" Prize 2016, the Cryo GeneSys is the major innovation of the Congress of News Aesthetics of Paris.

                                      Advantages of Cryo Gene Sys

- Thermal shock: delta from 37 ° C to 0 ° C

- 20 to 30% of adipose tissue removed per session

- Up to 3 simultaneous treatments (2 body + 1 facial)

- No consumables
Cryo GeneSys

Documentation for Cryo GeneSys®
Sculpt your body by the cold.

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